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From airplane terminology. Obviously, to crash and burn.
To fail miserably. To be ruined.
A type of software crash, crash and burn is a subset of horrible death. A program goes into crash and burn mode when a pointer error causes the program to start overwriting video memory with arbitrary data. DOS and Apple II games crashed and burned occasionally, as did some Amiga programs. Crash and burn is a rare if entertaining error, sometimes the resulting screen fireworks are more interesting than the games that crashed.

This is not the authoritative definition from the Jargon File, but FWIW, I have heard "crash and burn" used this way since about 1984. Woundweavr's writeup is much closer to the Jargon File definition.
crash = C = crawling horror

crash and burn vi.,n.

A spectacular crash, in the mode of the conclusion of the car-chase scene in the movie "Bullitt" and many subsequent imitators (compare die horribly). Sun-3 monitors losing the flyback transformer and lightning strikes on VAX-11/780 backplanes are notable crash and burn generators. The construction `crash-and-burn machine' is reported for a computer used exclusively for alpha or beta testing, or reproducing bugs (i.e., not for development). The implication is that it wouldn't be such a disaster if that machine crashed, since only the testers would be inconvenienced.

--The Jargon File version 4.3.1, ed. ESR, autonoded by rescdsk.

I crashed and burned again tonight
I guess you got me pretty good
You pointed out some things that I already knew
If I could change those things I would

Don't want to sit and act the drama queen
Don't want to talk you again
Just do my best to fake some self-esteem
Settle for liquor but the question is, what then?

It ain't easy when you know you fucked up every single thing
Pretty bad to waste your life and watch it slipping round the bend
One more lie to try to buy the time to put things straight
But time don't wait and I'm too late
And now it's slipped away again

You should really go ahead and leave
I can only ever hold you down
I've got no-one else to blame, this shit is down to me
Can't ask you to just keep me around

I could wish I only had the strength it took
To face the future like a man
And maybe feel like I was worth something
Instead of knowing I can't do the best I can

It takes one wrong turn before you learn you're lost and can't go back
And the easy way will never you get you onto the right track
Pebbles start an avalanche that you just can't outrun
Although you try, the wall's too high
And then you'll know you're done

I crashed and burned again tonight
It's not your fault, I knew I would
You better walk away, this wreckage is all mine
Don't stay with me, babe; I'm no good

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