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The Godfrey Lowell Cabot Science Library is at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusets; it is the university's main science library. It was founded in 1973 and was named after Godfrey Lowell Cabot (1861-1962), a noted chemist and aviator who graduated from Harvard in 1882 and who founded the multinational Cabot Corporation.

The library's holdings focus on research collections in mathematics, statistics, and science-related interdisciplinary studies and contains core materials in astronomy, biochemistry, biodiversity, biotechnology, bioremediation, botany, chemistry, ecology, environment, general science, geology, medicine, microbiology, natural history, neuroscience, oceanography, physiology, physics, sustainable agriculture, and zoology. Most holdings are in English, but some are in German and Russian. In addition to books and electronic media, the library offers 800+ journals and about 185,000 monographs.

The first floor of the library includes exhibit cases for various displays that are of aesthetic value and relate to science education.

The library is located in Harvard's Science Center at the corner of Oxford and Kirkland streets. It is open 24 hours a day during exam periods and is generally open from 8:30 a.m. to midnight during classes and from 9 to 5 between terms. You have to either possess a Harvard ID or be in the company of someone who has an ID to gain entrance to the library.

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