a moving arm,
table littered
glasses warm -
a returning torrent
a growing

Is this all about you?

we kissed
every fountain tasted -
even my thumbs resembled -
but now
your lips not kindly

Why do witches giggle - mocking
me your belly - no other
has touched?

I've defeated
myself barely
your story
cackles at me.

Ca*coph"o*ny (?), n.; pl. Cacophonies (#). [Gr. ; bad + sound: cf. F. Cacophonie.]

1. Rhet.

An uncouth or disagreable sound of words, owing to the concurrence of harsh letters or syllables.

"Cacophonies of all kinds."


2. Mus.

A combination of discordant sounds.

3. Med.

An unhealthy state of the voice.


© Webster 1913.

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