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Caedmon's Call originate from Second Baptist church, Houston, Texas. They began when Cliff Young (who does most of the vocals and guitar) and his wife Danielle sang together in church. Over time, the other members of the band joined: today's lineup is Cliff and Danielle Young, Derek Webb (lead acoustic guitar and some vocals), Todd Bragg (Drums), Garett Buell (other percussion), Arit Nitzberg (bass).

Caedmon's Call have their roots in folksy-acoustic music, but are hard to categorise as their music changes so much depending on their current situation. The common theme however is that they are a Christian band singing Christian music. Like many CCM artists, their songs deal not only with praise and worship, but with individual struggles with God and life. Cliff Young described the band as such:

We are a spiritual band. I don't know if you would call it religious music. We are a band full of Christians. We are three dimensional people who live three dimensional lives. We write three dimensional songs. We write about getting up in the morning and going to sleep. We write songs from scripture as well as songs about deep spiritual struggles we might have. And we'll write a song about a bus driver. We cover a lot of ground.
from http://www.wbr.com/alliance/caedmonscall/cmp/bio.html

Caedmon's Call releases are:

Caedmon's Call got their name from a story about a man called Caedmon who had no talent for singing. When singing was required, he would run away. One time when he ran away, he heard God telling him to sing. Naturally, being a terrible singer, Caedmon refused. When God told him to sing again, and he finally did, Caedmon sang songs he had never heard before, and could not be matched by other songwriters because they were received by the grace of God. 3 members of the band all heard that story within a week of each other, so decided to adopt the name as that of their band.

Caedmon's Call are popular among Christians and non-Christians alike. Cliff Young said

We like to see ourselves as a band full of Christians, we don't really believe in a split between Christian and mainstream music. I think there are Christians and non-Christians and the music they write reflects the kind of people they are. At the same time there are some artists today who like to say that so they can say what they do isn't a ministry. Our view is that our lives are our ministry. Our hope and prayer is that the stage is just an extension of our lives.
source ibid

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