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Post-holocaust new wave adult movie from the 1980s. Following global nuclear war, humanity is divided between "Sex Positives" and "Sex Negatives". The Positives are capable of normal sexual relations, something which provokes severe nausea in Negatives when they try to engage in it. Therefore by law the Positives, who are a distinct minority, must perform sexually in public for the vicarious enjoyment of the Negatives.

The main characters are a young couple who are presumably both Negative--till we discover that the woman is in fact Positive but hides her nature so she will not be taken away from him and made to perform with strangers.

The movie is really surprisingly good, and along with Repo Man is one of the most "punk" movies I've seen. It's also the only adult movie I've ever viewed where we the audience became impatient with the sex scenes because they were slowing down the plot.

Originally released under the title "Teenage Flesh" by the film's reportedly stupid distributors, who failed to realize that they had an actual piece of cult cinema on their hands.

Cafe Flesh was written by Jerry Stahl, who later wrote for the sitcom ALF, as well as the books Permanent Midnight (later made into a film, starring Ben Stiller) and Perv, a Love Story.

The music for the film was composed by Mitchell Froom

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