Although preceded by a reputation of careless carrier jets, a caffeine crash is incurred when having previously ingested caffeine in large amounts over several hours or days. The individual/lab rat may experience sudden fatigue, followed by excruciating alertness. Early symptoms are blank stares, babbling, swatting invisible moths, paranoia, standing on one's head and the looming notion that something is terribly wrong. At this point it is too late, a caffeine crash is impending. Complications arising from this condition may include insomnia, burn out, weakened bladder, drymouth, purple spots, green spots, orange spots, and rainbow spots.

Real-life example:
It is finals. My java project is due in eight hours. It is not yet complete. It is midnight. I have not eaten anything all day except for some microwave popcorn, and I have consumed, in total, thirty-five diet pepsi's, ten dews, and some Nestea (we went back and checked the numbers for kicks). I have not slept in twenty hours. I should be exhausted.

I don't feel it.

I code like a maniac the entire night through. I finish one hour before the project is due. I turn it in. I go the the Palace for some chicken tenders and conversation. Halfway through said conversation, I begin laughing hysterically at a mildly funny joke, and then fall asleep.

It was a blast.

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