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How much would you score?!

I've come across a Japanese show titled "Guests of Room 0". In a room numbered 0 at some hotel, there is a machine that can calculate one's worth percentage. The show revolves around the actions taken by the guests after they have found out their worth, how their way of thinking changes and how would that affect their score if they rechecked it.

That made me think of what would people do if such machine were to exist. Starting with myself, I would be afraid of trying it because I would be afraid of having some proof of my low worth. However, I would still use it because I'm a person who likes to have things be clear and to know for sure. I wouldn't be surprised of getting a low score since that's what I was exepcting to begin with, but that would still put me down anyway. Looking at it from a different angle though, it could be a chance to make me realize for certain what kind of a person I am and to think carefully about what I'm to do to improve my score i.e. my worth or personality. Knowing myself, I would probably keep juggling between being down and being optimistic about changing for the better while leaning towards the first more often than the latter and thinking how much can I really change if I actually did...

In the show, they seemed to be scored based on their behaviors or more accurately their deeper morals and thoughts and how they act based on them. The machine didn't have any regards for how powerful, rich, professionally successful the person was or s/he believes about her/himself. For example, in one of the stories of the show, a yakuza leader wanted to check his score and he compared it to a wannabe gangster who practically worshiped that leader. The young gangster got higher results which pissed off the leader that he threatened him into trying to somehow lower his precentage before the end of the night. He was confused and not sure of what he could do really to lower his score, so he went out and tried to do some "bad" deeds. For instance, he decided to go to a ramen shop and pretend that he'd found a hair in the soup. Nonethelss, he found himself really liking the ramen that he couldn't bring himself up to doing that and not paying. He tried other things, but he always ends up doing the "right" thing regardless of what his intentions originally were and regardless of the fact that he "wanted" to be a "bad" person or a "gangster". After each of his attempts, his score would increase even more.
If, however, the person who got a high score started gloating about it in front of those who got lesser scores, s/he would decrease her/his worth i.e. score and so on.
So basically, it's like a personality meter of how "good", "nice or "helpful" of a person you are to society.

Regardless of what mechanism is being used to score people, I'm curious to know what would you do in such a hypothetical situation. Would you have the courage to score yourself? Or would you have the confidence to not care about such thing that you wouldn't score yourself? What kind of score would you expect to get and how would it make you feel to get any score?

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