Although not usually a fan of bottled water, I particularly enjoy Sainsbury's Caledonian Still Natural Mineral Water, which the producers claim to be the "taste of Scotland". The water comes from Sainsbury's own spring in Caledonia and is bottled in Lennoxtown, near the spring. Over the centuries the Scottish rains have laid down an underground source of pure mineral water which has become renowed for its taste and purity.

Typical mineral values per litre -
Calcium 27mg.
Magnesium 6.9mg.
Sodium 6.6mg.
Bicarbonate 103mg.
Sulphate 10.6mg.
Chloride 6.4mg.
Silicate 7.6mg.
Dry residue 108oC 117.2mg;pH 7.4.

A 500ml bottle costs around 37 pence. The drink is best consumed ice cold on a hot day.

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