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Class AAA farm team of the Florida Marlins, in Calgary, Canada. The Cannons play their home games in Burns Stadium. They compete in the Western Division of the Pacific Coast League.

The Cannons began life as the Oakland Oaks in Oakland, CA. They played in Oakland from 1903 to 1955. In 1956, they moved to Vancouver and became the Mounties, playing there until 1962. The team played in Dallas for a brief stint before returning to Vancouver in 1965. After four more years in Vancouver, they moved to Salt Lake City and became the Stingers from 1970 to 1984. The team moved to Calgary in 1985 and has played there ever since.

Before becoming a Marlins affiliate in 1999, the Cannons were affiliated with the Seattle Mariners then the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Former Cannons players who have gone on to major league success include Alex Rodriguez, Edgar Martinez, Omar Vizquel, and Tony Womack.

Boxscores, team news, Cannons history, PCL standings and ticket buying information can be found at www.calgarycannons.com. The Cannons do not currently have a play-by-play deal, but news and updates can be heard on QR 77.

UPDATE: The Cannons have moved on to become the Albuquerque Isotopes, complete with space-age logo and a weird (apparently mutated) mascot. Just like the Simpsons. They can be found at www.albuquerquebaseball.com or at 610 on your Albuquerque radio dial. Thanks to ocelotbob and VT_Hawkeye for the heads-up.

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