In popular usage, saying "Calgon, take me away" implies the speaker wishes to be removed from several converging stressful situations. It's a reference to a Calgon television ad campaign that first began airing in 1985. It depicts a stressed out house wife. The dog is tracking mud all over the carpet. The kids are making a similar mess. Dinner is burning. And then, oh what fresh hell is this?, the phone rings! She looks to the sky and intones "Calgon, take me away". She is magically relieved of her clothing and transported to a hot bath super saturated by fresh smelling Calgon bath gel. Some saw masturbatory undertones to the commercial. How does one relieve stress in the tub, hmmmm?

Oddly enough the Dixie Chicks borrowed this line as inspiration for their song "Cowboy take me away". That is, of course, the least you need to know.

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