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Company based in Edinburgh that runs a number of coffee kiosks, selling exclusively Java. The kiosks are converted Police telephone boxes (boxen?) -- think the TARDIS painted red and you're close.

They seem to hire almost exclusively kooky people to provide the Edinburgh populace's necessary caffeine intake. Girls with weird hair who try to assess your personality based on your order. Odd music. Nose piercings and headscarves. Cartoons of Excessive Java Man. It all adds to the charm.

As far as I can tell, the California Coffee Company has absolutely nothing to do with California.

Interesting side note: apparently, the company was set up by one of the parents at the Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School (a Waldorf School) attended by nine9... however, the story is purely apocryphal and he was never able to get any proof of this....

Thanks to nine9 for this nugget of information, of questionable relevance though it may be.

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