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II. Clarifying Statements

  1. Phrases:
    1. A player is any of the fourteen (14) persons who are actually participating in the game at any one time.
    2. To put the disc into play means that the thrower establishes a pivot foot and is ready to throw. To put the disc into play at a particular point on the field means to place the pivot foot at that point on the field. 1992
    3. Where the disc stops refers to the location where the disc is caught, comes to rest naturally, or where it is stopped from rolling or sliding.
    4. Throw-off position is the particular arrangement of positions (which end zone each team is defending) and possession (which team is to throw-off) in effect before a throw-off. 1992
    5. Ground Contact: All player contact with the ground directly related to a specific event or maneuver, including landing or recovery after being off-balance, e.g., jumping, diving, leaning, or falling. 1995
    6. Possession of the disc: Sustained contact with, and control of, the non-spinning disc. 1995
      1. To catch a pass is equivalent to establishing possession of that pass.
      2. Loss of control due to ground contact related to a pass reception negates that receiver's possession up to that point.

  2. There are no scrimmage lines or off-sides (except on throw-offs) in Ultimate.

  3. The disc may be passed in any direction.

  4. A rolling or sliding disc may be stopped by any player, but it may not be purposefully advanced in any direction. Possession is gained where the disc stops.

  5. No defensive player may ever pick up the disc.

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