A ministry devoted to spreading the Good News of the love and saving power of Jesus Christ. Founded in 1951 by Bill Bright, Campus Crusade for Christ is an inter-denominational ministry with chapters on college campuses all across the United States and around the world. CCC also has several ministries around the world not on college campuses, but all aimed at spreading the Gospel.

Crusade is really more than just "another Christian Club," though. Besides being a great way for Christian students to meet and interact with other Christians, it really is a movement making a strong impact for God in the world. From outreaches to witnessing to contemporary Christian Music concerts, CCC is turning lost college students into Christ-centered laborers.

http://www.ccci.org (Campus Crusade for Christ, International)
http://web.csusb.edu/public/i_net/crusade (CCC @ Cal State San Bernardino)

PS, thanks to iandunn and dann for the suggestions.

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