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The Canadian Federation of Students is the organisation of Canada's national student movement. It was formed in 1981 to provide students with an effective, united voice in provincial and federal politics, with origins in predecessor organizations since 1926. There are more than 70 university and college students' associations in Canada that make up the CFS, comprising more than 500,000 students.

The CFS puts emphasis on developing working relationships with the government, researching government proposals, lobbying federal and provincial legislatures, and organizing petition drives and mass mobilisation of students. Goals of the CFS include educating students about their institutions, keeping tuition fees low, and distributing student resources.

Some of the Canadian Federation of Students locals:
Local 03: University of British Columbia Students' Union, Okanagan (University of British Columbia, Okanagan)
Local 04: Selkirk Students' Association (Selkirk College)
Local 05: Capilano Students Union (Capilano College)
Local 09: Okanagan University College
Local 13: College of New Caledonia Students' Association (College of New Caledonia)
Local 15: (prospective member) Cariboo Student Society (Thompson Rivers University)
Local 18: Douglas Students' Union (Douglas College)
Local 23: Simon Fraser Student Society (Simon Fraser University)
Local 26: Kwantlen Student Association (Kwantlen University College)
Local 33: Emily Carr Students' Union (Emily Carr Institute for Art + Design)
Local 44: University of Victoria Student Society (University of Victoria)
Local 61: Malaspina Students Union (Malaspina University College)
Local 66: Northwest Community College Students' Association
Local 72: North Island Students' Association (North Island College)
Local 73: City Centre Students' Union (Vancouver Community College)
Local 75: Camosun College Student Society (Camosun College)
Local 76: King Edward Students' Union(Vancouver Community College)
Local 79: Post-Graduate Student Society (McGill University)
Local 83: Graduate Student Association (Concordia University)
Local 86: College of the Rockies Students' Union (College of the Rockies)
Local 89: University of Victoria Graduate Students' Society (University of Victoria)
Local 91: Concordia Student Union (Concordia University)
Prospective member: Northern Lights College Students' Association

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