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Candle magick is one of the branches of spell-casting that relies heavily on visualization. There is preparation that comes before the actual spell, though, and this is where the power lies.

Use a knife (not the athame) to carve runes into the wax. Do this carefully, and with full intent; in other words, don't care random runes, and visualize as you etch the symbols into the candle.

After the runes are carved, or if none were drawn, scented oil is needed. Preferably it is an essence that you have selected, because it needs to be personal. Rub the oil from both ends of the candle inwards, to meet in the middle. Never rub towards one end or the other. Imagine your power and your wish being embodied within the oil, and watch as the wax absorbs the scented liquid.

Actually burning the candle is easy; accompany it with an invocation of the Triple Goddess or the Horned God, or just a simple request to have your spell-goal granted. As the flame eats away at the wax, visualize your wish slowly becoming reality. In essence, this is just an augmentation of what one does when blowing out birthday candles.

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