How to make a Candle Wheel

(Craft project for Imbolc)



You'll need to place the eight candles at equal distances from each other all around the wreath. Either drill thick holes into the wreath so that candles can be placed inside, or just secure them with screw-bottom candleholders or glue gun glue. Place the ivy leaves around in a decorative fashion, gluing in place.

Ritual use:

The eight candles are symbolic of the eight spokes of the wheel of the year, and spinning the circle into motion at Imbolc is important. Also, since Imbolc is a fire festival and symbolizes the growing light of the sun, having many lights is appropriate. In ritual, the candles can be solemnly lit with a cauldron or bowl placed in the middle of the candle wheel. The cauldron or bowl can contain a Wish Tree in the middle of it, with water all around it, and/or have new pennies thrown into it while cementing wishes for the year, a bit like New Year's resolutions. Also the candle wheel, set ablaze, can be toasted with a ceremonial beverage at a key time in a ritual.

Pagan craft projects

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