A cheesy movie written and directed by J.F. Lawton. It is an Action/Comedy film released in 1988. Players: Shannon Tweed, Bill Maher, Karen Mistal, Adrienne Barbeau, Brett Stimely, and others including a bunch of scantily clad women.

These women are serious about their taste in men!

A feminist, Dr. Margo Hunt (Shannon Tweed), is sent by her university to find the Piranha Women. The Piranha Women are rumored to live in the Avocado Jungle near San Bernadino, CA. Dr. Hunt's mission is to convince them to move to a reservation condo in Malibu so the Avocado Jungle can be bulldozed and converted into a shopping mall or some other monument to consumerism. She takes her assistant, Bunny, and hires Jim (Bill Maher) as their guide. Jim is, of course, a male chauvinist pig. The head into the jungle, confront the Piranha Women, and Jim and Bunny hook up.

Hillarious if you enjoy cheesy movies.

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