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Take the floppy and tape up the double density toggle hole. This is the one opposite of the write protection toggle hole. That is it, now you will able to read the disk.

Recently I recieved a Smith Corona Word Processor from my girlfriend. A nice little gift that would allow me to write my journal entries, and thoughts quickly without having to waste my computer's CPU cycles. So, I set the box in my room and didn't touch it.

Finally, I was told by my parents that I had to use it now, or throw it out. Being the pack rat that I am, I broke it out of the box, and started using it. To my surpise, it was actually a lot better than my computer because it had spring keys that allowed me to type much faster than if I was typing the same on my computer. The only problem was, getting the files from the WP to my PC. It used 720K disks, and for some reason, my floppy drive couldn't read them. Finally, I found someone who knew how to fix this problem, and that is how I got the solution above.

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