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Cappy's is a Massachusetts chain of pizza and sub places. Each Cappy's is numbered according to the order in which it opened. At this time the surviving known Cappy's are one and two located near Northeastern University, five located in Jamaica Plain and a rumoured seven located in Waltham. Cappy's features decent food at resonable prices. The quality however varies at location and is dependent on who is working at the time.

Cappy's One tends to run on the greasy side. It is recommended that instead you visit Cappy's Two which is in close proximity. The main advantage of Cappy's One is it is open slightly later on occasion and has arcade games.

Cappy's Two is located on Huntington Avenue right across from the YMCA near Northeastern . It features excellent subs of gigantic size. The best are prepared by the night crew. Its pizza is a chewy and thin, but can be fairly good. The calzones are mediocre, Boston House of Pizza and University House of Pizza feature much better ones and are located close by. Avoid the gyro and greek salad.

Hopefully someone who has visited five and seven can add their input.

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