Captain Goodnight and the Islands of Fear was a great game for the Apple II series of computers. In the game you are Captain Goodnight and you're on a mission to stop the infamous Doctor Maybe. Seems he's holding the planet hostage, demanding two-hundred billion dollars worth of gold or he'll set off his doomsday machine. Your task? Stop him, of course.

In the game, your were always moving the little Castle Wolfenstein-esqe guy to the right — be it by walking, running, flying a delta wing jet, driving a boat, riding a tram, driving a jeep, a tank, or piloting a stolen submarine.

If I remember correctly, the game used both sides of the disk — that was a pretty big game in those days. You only had a limited amount of time to complete the "mission" — I think it was one hundred minutes. There was some sort of hack or code you could use to turn off the running clock (thereby giving you as much time as you needed to complete the game) yet sadly, it was still too difficult for little old me. Perhaps it had something to do with my joystick being broken and having to control the little pixelly guy with my Koala pad.

Sadly, one warm summer afternoon, Captain Goodnight was to go gently into that night. I had mistakenly left my box of disks near an open window, not even thinking that later someone might turn on the sprinkler outside.

Captain Goodnight and the Islands of Fear
written by Michael Wise, Lauren Elliott, and Gene Portwood
Brøderbund Software
17 Paul Drive,
San Rafael, CA 94903
(415) 479-1170
On 5.25" diskette
Requires a 64K Apple ][+, //e, or //c, with at least one disk drive and joystick input

If you'd like to play the game you can download it from Home of The Underdogs at

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