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Heroic pilot and secret agent whose adventures thrilled countless youngsters via radio, comics, books, movies, and television.

"Captain Midnight" was the code name of ace pilot Jim "Red" Albright, an ordinary cargo and passenger flier who also fought crime as an undercover agent. The name originated during his first mission, from which he returned successfully at exactly midnight.

As commander of the Secret Squadron (whose initials, 'SS', were replaced by 'SQ' during World War Two) Midnight fought against the evil plans hatched by the master criminal Ivan Shark and his daughteer Fury. He was aided by Squadron member Chuck Ramsey, mechanic Ichabod Mudd, and helpful female Patsy Donovan (later Joyce Ryan).

The radio series began in 1938, airing on WGN in Chicago and sponsored by the Skelly Oil Company. The show went national on the Mutual Network in 1940, sponsored by Ovaltine. It is especially remembered for the wonderful array of tie-in products available to listeners, particularly the Secret Decoder Badges with which junior members of the Secret Squadron could decode Captain Midnight's messages on the show.

The television series added another Squadron member to the cast, a scientist named Tut.

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