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Admittedly it feels strange to be writing a writeup about a band whose oldest member is four years younger than I am, but it needs to be done.

Unlike so many bands who are excessively hard to categorize. Cpt. Squeegee and the Soapsuds fit squarely into the ska genre without much fuss. The band is comprised of seven members, (larger than four) and includes a trumpet, a trombone and a sax.

Personally I have seen these guys twice in concert, both times they were the opening act for The Aquabats. They are a perfect match. The main job of an opening act is to get the crowd psyched for the upcoming performers, and these guys do just that. Never before have I seen so many people skanking at a concert.

Based from Dobson High School in Mesa, Arizona, Captain Squeegee and the Soapsuds are often openers for The Aquabats, but they do not limit their shows. They play many small venues, and are exceedingly successful for a high school band. The talent in these kids is mind blowing, considering each has only been on their corresponding instrument for roughly three years. Ironically they are the perfect fit for The Aquabats, showing the same energy that the successful Huntington Beach based ska band does on stage, and would be fit to tour with the 'bats if only they were out of High School.

Captain Squeegee and the Soapsuds have released one album, showcasing their two years of work together. The CD is entitled Uprising and was released in January of 2005. By the time tested audience-reaction technique, their cover of Graduation by Vitamin C is by far their most popular song. Side Note: They are the only opening act I have ever seen to be called back out by the crowd for an encore, and I've seen Something Corporate as an opener.

Tracklisting for Uprising:
1. Instrumental
2. El Modesto
3. Coffee Rap
4. Perfection
5. Jamaican
6. Weasel
7. Get Up and Go
8. Gone Away
9. W.G.O.
10. I Carry On
11. Graduation (cover of Vitamin C)
12. You Don't Know
13. Uprising

Odd Bit: This may simply be naming genius, but even though Captain Squeegee and the Soapsuds are the antithesis of emo, every single emo I know seems to have a CSATSS pin pinned to their messenger bag.

Bottom Line: If you're into ska... no, even if you aren't into ska, and you have a chance to see these guys, do so. They tend to set a feeling at their concerts of wondrous high energy. Do not expect them to be outside of the Phoenix area for a few years, but keep a watch on the indie scene for more of their music.


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