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A bar in Key West made famous (especially among parrotheads) through the music of Jimmy Buffett. Apparently, Captain Tony himself is pretty popular with the conchs, since they elected him as their mayor.

The parrothead song in question is "Last Mango in Paris," and I've heard that Capt. Tony's boat is called Last Mango. In the saloon, you learn that the good captain's most famous saying is, "All you need in this life is a tremendous sex drive and a great ego. Brains don't mean shit."

One cool thing about the bar is that you get a 16-oz. plastic cup with a large draft beer, and refills in that cup--even when you bring it back on a subsequent visit--are much cheaper. I still have mine and haven't been there in months.

In addition to the aforementioned locals, celebrities seem to make it a Key West regular stop--many of their names are painted on the bar stools. Tourists are drawn in by regular musical acts (generally singer/guitarists), who sit right by the always-open doors. And other assorted freaks show up as well; on my last visit there, I met a psychic who gave me an eerily believable message from the beyond.

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