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A super-hero published by DC Comics. Captain Triumph first appeared in Crack Comics #27 in 1942.

Captain Triumph is actually identical twin brothers Lance and Michael Gallant. The two were identical in every way, down to the T-shaped birthmark on their wrists. But tragedy struck when Michael was killed in an explosion.

Mourning his brother, Lance was shocked to be visited by Michael's ghost. The ghost told him that if Lance touched the birthmark, the two of them would merge, giving Lance super-powers. Lance does as the spirit suggests and the two merge, giving them the power of flight, invisibility, making them invulnerable, and giving them super-strength. When the birthmark was touched a second time the two split again, leaving Michael a ghost who was invisible to all but his brother. Realizing that these powers should be used for good, Lance donned a red t-shirt and white pants and began to fight crime as Captain Triumph.

Captain Triumph became a member of the All-Star Squadron, the World War II group of mystery men, brought together by Franklin Roosevelt. Captain Triumph fought with the group for many years.

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