The only variety of rum and coke worth imbibing. Simple to make yet complex on the tastebuds, both easy to merely enjoy or pound back like there's no tomorrow.

Construction of this masterpiece is simple, but must be followed to the letter.


  • A drinking glass which will hold 10 ounces (oz) of liquid comfortably
  • 1.5 oz of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum
  • 6.5 oz of Coca-Cola Classic
  • 2 pieces of ice, preferably cubed, never crushed
  • 1 lime wedge
  • Method:

    1. Drop the ice into the glass.
    2. Pour the rum over the ice.
    3. Spritz the drink with the lime wedge.
    4. You can skip this step, but a true aficionado would take the time to swirl the rum, ice, and lime juice to ensure thorough mixture. Sniff and sip at your discretion.
    5. Gently pour the Coke into the glass. Be careful not to create too much fizz and spill precious liquids over the edge of the glass.
    6. Firmly seat the lime wedge on the rim.
    7. Enjoy responsibly.

    Do not forget to splash the drink with a lime wedge and place it on the edge of your glass. The inclusion of the lime is as vital to the Cap'n'n'Coke experience as the presence of either Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum or genuine Coca-Cola Classic. Accept no imitations when you're on the town either - Always ask for Cap'n'n'Coke, otherwise, you'll have some repulsive concoction bourne of Bacardi and Pepsi forced upon you.

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