A musical act with a mission: ENSLAVE ALL OF HUMANITY.

The man now known only as J-Bot, after finding himself unable to get along with normal humans, built himself a couple of musical robot friends only to find to his dismay that he doesn't get along so well with robots either. The robots, GTRBOT-666 and DRMBOT 0110, quickly enslaved poor J-Bot, eviscerating him and keeping him alive only to amuse them with his musical antics. As a last ditch effort, J-Bot built a kinder robot pal, known only as The Ape Which Hath No Name, a monkey with only love in his robotic heart, and therefore symapthy for J-Bot's plight.

The Ape plays tambourine and professes his love for everybody; GTRBOT's body is a guitar, which he plays while threatening the audience; DRMBOT is (surprise, surprise) a pneumatically powered drum set that keeps J-Bot in line while laying down, as Ape calls them in its creepy robot monotone, "glorious beats"; and J-Bot plays a keyboard welded to his guitar while screaming into a microphone and trying to keep his intestines in line. J-Bot's mask makes him look like one of the Cavefish from Full Throttle.

If you like early Man... Or Astro-man? then you'll probably enjoy the mad science spectacle that is Captured! by Robots. Currently they have no label, but are pretty much on constant tour mode to support living in San Francisco. If they play at a venue near you, be sure to check 'em out and prepare to be subjugated!

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