Roman Emperor from 211-217 AD

In the time-honored tradition of the Roman Empire, a strong emperor was followed by his worthless son (see Marcus Aurelius, Commodus). Caracalla was the son of Septimius Severus, and he achieved the throne by murdering his brother Geta. Because he feared retribution, he then had all of Geta's friends and acquaintances murdered, as well as anyone who was even suspected of disloyalty. He apparently felt guilty for the murders he committed, having nightmares for most of his life. Of course, this didn't prevent him from committing even more murders out of fear. His ultimate end came when he chose the wrong murder victim. He was told by an oracle that his Praetorian Guard Prefect, Macrinus, was trying to kill him and become emperor. Macrinus was not trying to kill him at the time, but as soon as he heard of the oracle, he knew that his life was in danger, and had Caracalla stabbed to death by a disgruntled soldier.

See Roman Emperors

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