1878-1967, major poet, icon of American Literature

He was influenced by Walt Whitman experiences as a laborer, soldier, socialist political worker, and journalist informed his poetry. He was partial to blue collar themes, not unlike John Steinbeck who he respected. He preferred monosyllabic words, making his work more accessible to the common man.

He wrote these volumes:

He wrote these poems:

Stories he wrote:

In 1960, he wrote an epic biography of Lincoln (6 vol., 1926-39; vol. 3-6, Pulitzer Prize). Also see

Source: McMichael, George, "Anthology of American Literature", Macmillan Publishing, NY, 1974 http://alexia.lis.uiuc.edu/~rmrober/sandburg/home.htm Last Updated 11.21.02

American poet (1878-1967).

One of America's national treasures. No one ever wrote more effectively or more powerfully about American blue collar workers. His poems are full of beautiful language, vivid imagery, brutal passion, and an obvious love for his subjects, whether they were steelworkers, farmers, unemployed laborers, or the forces of nature. He is best known for his powerhouse ode to "Chicago", and he also wrote an epic six-volume biography of Abraham Lincoln.

Sandburg was the first poet I read, back in high school, who didn't need to use flowery or archaic language to get his point across. He understood that a poet should be speaking the common language of his readers, instead of erecting barriers by using unnecessary frills and twirls. Too many poets write for a tiny audience of intellectuals, English professors, and other poets; Sandburg was writing for everyone.

He's still my favorite poet, and he probably always will be.

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