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Carla Tortelli was the wisecracking catholic barmaid for "Cheers" during the run of the show. She had to deal with Diane Chambers as well as Rebecca Howe both of which she disliked. Carla was played by Rhea Perlman. The character of Carla Tortelli's full name was Carla Maria Victoria Angelina Teresa Apollonia Lozupone Tortelli LeBec

Carla loved sex and good looking men. It showed in almost everytime she talked about men. She was constantly flirting, and being slutty while at the same time being bitchy and annoying. In addition she had at least 8 kids, she also loved each one no matter how evil they were. Even when her child wanted to get married while underage and got his new wife pregnant, after she cooled down she was never angry for a long time with them.

Carla Tortelli had a quick temper, which was shown most clearly in the third episode of the show "The Tortelli Tort". Big Eddie, a Yankee fan from New York, came into the bar and started to make fun of Sam Malone, Carla's boss and friend, as well as the Boston Red Sox . Carla got so mad she jumped on him and attacked him.

Carla would almost always try to make fun of the regulars at the bar. Perhaps the only guy she didn't make fun of was her best friend, Sam Malone, though often she would seem to flirt with him. She also wouldn't make fun of the Coach, Ernie Pantusso.

Carla was a major fan of Sam before and always brought up Sam's old days when ever anyone was rude to him. Though often she would hate the Red Sox for losing she would never stay far away from Boston's teams.

Carla's first husband, Nick Tortelli was a sleazy husband. He would actually tell her when he cheated, in addition he married another woman after Carla and fathered at least four of Carla's children. He even wanted to take one of the kids from her because his new wife Loretta's womb was barren.

After a few years of divorce and multiple affairs, Carla met Eddie Lebec of the Boston Bruins. Carla was found to be a jinx at this time so to defeat the curse Eddie would break up with Carla before a match. Soon they were wed after Eddie was retired from the Bruins. After a short time he signed with an ice show and was on the road most of the time. After a couple more months he died in a tragic accident with an ice cleaner. During the funeral we found out that Eddie had a second wife because he got another woman pregnant. At the end of that episode we find that Eddie's true love was Carla.

In addition Carla also dated John Allen Hill during the later episodes. Both of them were almost exactly alike except John Allen Hill would annoy only Sam, and Carla would tease everyone else. Carla had an almost only sexual relationship, about the only type she liked. They would always fight but that was what turned them both on.

Carla's least favorite person was Cliff Clavin because of his long pointless trivia sessions where he would make up lies. Cliff would constantly hit because of his comment about Carla. During the reunion episode on Frasier she was at her happiest, for it was Cliff's retirement party.

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