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Carmen Sandiego is (was?) the chief villain of the popular Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? educational franchise, consisting of a cartoon TV series, a TV game show for children, and various computer games. On the cartoon series, her voice was performed by Rita Moreno.

As an orphan, Carmen attended the GoldenGate Girls' School in San Francisco, California. She was recruited by The Chief for the Acme Detective Agency. Teaming with her Japanese partner, Suhara, Carmen became the top detective for the agency, solving more crimes than anyone else by the young age of 17. It is rumored that Carmen eventually grew tired of being a detective, not perceiving enough of a challenge in it. Suhara supposedly convinced her to backstab ACME and become the head of VILE. It is well-known Carmen steals for the fun and challenge of it, but it is questionable what her real motivations for turning to a life of crime were. She loves to toy with her pursuers by leaving clues for them. Carmen is nearly as good at thieving as she was at being a detective, having only been caught twice in her career.

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