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This is the fight song of Carnegie Mellon University. It is sung by the Kiltie Band during football games. One of the interesting things about this song is that it cheers for the Kilties, even though the Carnegie Mellon football team is called (and has always been called) the Tartans.

Fight Song:
Fight for the glory of Carnegie!
Fight for the glory of the clan!
Let your eyes be ever on the tartan bright,
As we stand united ev'ry man fight, fight, fight!
Fight ev'ry loyal son of Skibo,
Fight 'till we win the victory!
The Kilties are coming, hurray, hurray,
The Kilties are coming, they'll win today,
For they're fighting for the glory of

Some interesting things about this song are:
The reference to Skibo. Skibo Castle is a castle in Scotland belonging to Andrew Carnegie, the founder of Carnegie Mellon. Many locations on campus are named after Skibo. There is also a song about Skibo, aptly named the Skibo Song.
The tartan. Carnegie Mellon doesn't have school colors. Instead, it has a tartan plaid. This plaid, designed especially for Andrew Carnegie, contains the colors red, blue, yellow, and green. The Kiltie Band wears uniforms with the signature component being a kilt made out of the school tartan.

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