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Animalia | Chordata | Vertebrata | Mammalia | Carnivora

An order of Mammals who eat flesh, possess and enlarged first lower molar and fourth upper premolar, and heightened senses. They are typically terrestrial or climbing animals; however, three families of Carnivora are primarily sea-dwelling. (NOTE: some biologists consider the sea-dwelling familes of Carnivora to belong to the separate order Pinnipedia).

Families in Carnivora:

  • Canidae: foxes, dogs, wolves
  • Mustelidae: minks, weasels, badgers, otters, skunks
  • Procyonidae: raccoons, kinkajous, red panda
  • Ursidae: bears, greater panda
  • Otoriidae: sealions
  • Odobenidae: walrus
  • Phocidae: seals
  • Viverridae: civits, genets, mongoose
  • Hyaenidae: hyaenas, aardwolf
  • Felidae: cats

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  • Car*niv"o*ra (?), n. pl. [NL., neut. pl. from L. carnivorus. See Carnivorous.] Zool.

    An order of Mammallia including the lion, tiger, wolf bear, seal, etc. They are adapted by their structure to feed upon flesh, though some of them, as the bears, also eat vegetable food. The teeth are large and sharp, suitable for cutting flesh, and the jaws powerful.


    © Webster 1913.

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