The 23d book in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. It features the Witches (not the Wizards or the Watch) and their fight against the vampyres descending from Uberwald onto the friendly little kingdom of Lancre.

Not as funny as many other books in the Discworld series, a bit eerie at times (maybe I just don't like the subject matter much) it has its funny moments - often - as with Pratchett just a single word in a unexpected context (clustersuck).

Necessary reading for rabid fans of the Discworld, others should probably start somewhere else (Witches Abroad being my favorite Witches book).

Personally, I found this volume to be among the best of the discworld books. Not because of the humor - it has its moments, but not very many of them - but because of a number of pretty deep reflections on personal ethics and religion in the scenes with Granny Weatherwax and the Omnian priest, Mightily Oats. Basically, we witness to a man who was religious by habit and education have an experience that makes him "see something holy wherever I look". And we get a peek at the personal hell in which Granny Weatherwax's iron will was (and still is) forged.

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