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One summer long ago, my buddy John and myself decided to spend the summer in Alaska. In preparation for the trip we purchased hiking and camping gear and an assortment of light weight, just add water, food mixtures. We both decided to sublet our rooms to friends and take an indefinite leave of absence from work. Being the head shop working college dropouts that we were, we of course did not have gobs of money. It was John’s idea to bake some pot cake and sell the slices to make money for the trip. I did not really think that the idea would actually turn a profit and so I tried other means for making money. John proceeded with his idea and ended up creating a high demand for his Carrot Pineapple Pot Cake and in turn made plenty of money for the trip. This Carrot Pineapple Pot Cake was extremely tasty and packed one hell of a punch. Try it, it’s the best way to eat pot. The cake is extremely moist and you really don’t even taste the pot at all.



Ok first things first, notice the varying amount of marijuana that you can use. I suggest using a lower amount if this is your first time. EATING MARIJUANA CAN BE EXTREMELY OVERWHELMING! Which is to say, you should experiment with this before plopping a pile of pot cakes on the table for the weekend BBQ, you might just end up with 15 sleeping bodies for a day or so. Also, some people have naturally accelerated heart rates due to eating pot, so please folks, for Jah’s sake don’t let people eat the cake if they don’t know what’s in it!

Now that that is settled lets proceed. First thing is to get the pot prepared. This is the most delicate part of the process, so please read carefully, less you might ruin your stash. You can use kind or swag it does not make much of a difference because you really can’t taste the pot at all in this cake.

Drop the pot onto a cutting board. Make sure it is nice and dry. Take your sharpest chopping knife and start chopping. You can chop the stems and all, but try to remove any seeds. Chop the pot until it is uniformly “shaked” or in laymen’s terms chop just short of powdering it.

Next get a nice frying pan. One lined with Teflon or any non-stick surface. Throw about a half a stick of butter into the pan. Here is where it gets tricky, in fact some stoves will not even work for this. The heat has to be extremely low. If it’s a gas stove, the flames have to be hardly visible, if its an electric stove put it on low and elevate the pan with something non-flammable. Basically you want it low enough not to burn off the butter, but more importantly not to damage the THC glands. Melt the butter. Look at the butter before placing the pot in it. A good way to judge the correct temperature (who has a thermometer?) is to watch for a bubble in the butter once every second or so, no more. Throw the pot into the butter and stir it around. The cooking of the pot is an important step in the recipe. Like I said before you can ruin the pot, but you can also render the pot better than it was before. What I mean by that is the chemical change in the THC glands, by the use of heat can, if done perfectly, render every gland in the bag potent. I wont go into this heat-THC gland thing, but trust me, the slower and longer you simmer this pot, the more potent it will be. John and I cooked some for 5 hours before finally baking the cake.

Ok the fun part is done, now to make the cake. Preheat the oven to about 350 degrees F or 175 degrees C. You can use a square pan or a cake mold. This recipe will roughly fill a 9” x 13” pan. Either way, grease it and flour it.

Now, mix the baking powder, baking soda, salt and cinnamon in a mixing bowl. Make a little hole in the middle of this mixture, then add the vanilla, the oil, the eggs and the sugar. Mix it up. Finally, stir in the coconut, walnuts, carrots, pineapple and your pot/butter mixture. Be sure to fold the pot into the mixture, you don’t want the pot mixture touching the wooden spoon much because it will stick to it.

Poor this into the greased pan and throw it into the oven. Cook it for somewhere around 40 to 45 minutes.

The frosting is optional. Mix the cream cheese and the 1/4 cup of butter until its smooth, add confectioners sugar and beat until creamy.

After allowing the cake to cool, you can apply the frosting any way you like. Crack open a bottle of Syrah, slice some cake for you and your buds, turn off the phone and commence to munching. Allow about 30 minutes for the buzz to start and don't forget about the pot cake>>munchie>>pot cake thing (i.e. don't create an infinite loop:-)


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