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The disasterous final (as of this writing) Carry On movie, released in 1992. Christopher Columbus (Jim Dale) sets of on a voyage to find a quicker route from Europe to the Far East, funded by the King and Queen of Spain (Leslie Philips and June Whitfield). His cabin boy is played by that blonde woman from the Philidelphia commercials, disguised as a man.

A huge injection of innuendo is provided by Julian Clary, and most of the other roles (of which there are many) are performed by various contemporary comedians (ranging from 1980's alternative comics like Rik Mayall and Alexei Sayle to sitcom staples like Maureen Lipman and Richard Wilson). Even Bert Kwouk makes an appearance.

Sadly this abundance of familiar faces does not cohere into anything worth watching. The film is incredibly cheap looking (the ship set being possibly the least convincing ever constructed) and the script and most of the cast call it a day by the start of the third act. The failure to transplant the simple and crude Carry On formula to a modern cinema context does at least ensure that no further Carry On films are made.

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