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A totally groovy instrumental piece off Phish's album Billy Breathes. It features a rollicking keyboard part by Page McConnell, tickling the synthetic ivories with Moog and Hammond organ funk transplants. He has the quaver on full throttle, and when Mike Gordon uses the bass guitar to pick up the left hand keyboard part, Page moves over to a baby grand and noodles for a while. The piece builds up like a circle of guys hacking at a Phish show. By which I mean, kicking around a footbag. Right as it reaches its peak, it drops off to silence and eases into Talk, a quiet, Phish-style love song. Trey Anastasio, while he does play his trademarked wailing guitar solo, keeps it quiet and lets Page groove, and it's for the best.

The song takes its name from the words on the first sign you see as you enter a rest stop. I suspect that (given Trey's nearly-absent part) it was named by Trey, because of its true function in a Phish set. Yes, it's a well-crafted, funky instrumental. But for Trey, it's a rest stop for his otherwise beleagured fingers.

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