Directed by anime legend Hayao Miyazaki, Castle of Cagliostro was a 1979 movie made by Tokyo Movie Shinsha chronicling the adventures of Lupin III and his friends as they attempted to rescue a damsel in distress and foil the evil plans of the villainous Count Cagliostro.

(The movie Castle of Cagliostro was loosely based on an Arsene Lupin novel by Maurice Leblanc featuring a woman named Clarisse, who turned out to be the granddaughter of a famed 18th-century scoundrel by the name of Cagliostro, who actually existed in real life. There really is a castle of Cagliostro, but it was named for the man who died in it, not for a royal house as in the anime.)

Castle of Cagliostro was later made into a laserdisc arcade game, Cliff Hanger, and also appeared briefly in an episode of Robotech. Steven Spielberg was reportedly astounded when he saw Cagliostro at Cannes in 1980. Some people consider the heroine, Clarice, to bear a remarkable similarity to the heroine of another Miyazaki film, Nausicaa.

Castle of Cagliostro was dubbed (badly) by Carl Macek's Streamline Video in the 1980s, but has since been licensed by Manga Video, given a better-quality dub, and released on DVD.

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