Yet another taboo in the Westerner's diet. You can't eat cats, because chances are that you have one in your house as a pet, so it is "cruel". I kept cats as pets, and I ate cat. No, not my own cats. You won't find too many places serving cat in Northern China, they are mostly served in Southern China. We Cantonese are famous for eating just about anything with four legs.

Cat is nice. No, it's not white meat, it is red. Cats tend to run around a lot, so the meat is lean and has a texture like veal. I'm not sure what breed of cats are usually served on a dish, but I don't think it's the cute tabby cats that people keep as pets. Skin the cat, roast it and serve it up. I haven't eaten cat for a long time now, but I remember it to be served as "braised cat served with fish". How ironic.

That's right, I'm an inhumane monster for eating cute little kittens. Along with ten million other Chinese. If the PETA ever ends up in Canton and starts pissing off the locals for their dietary habits, God help them. Cantonese are known to be very quick to anger and violence. I advise animal rights activists to stay out of that province, if they care for their health.

Cat Meat is also South African Game Warden slang for the many types of deer and antelope found in the veldt. This is because at first, tourists on safari ooh and aah over these pretty creatures but soon become bored with them, seeing them, as the locals do, as merely food for more exciting big cats.

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