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My friend Kirk had just become a Discordian. I was actually suprised that he didn't discover Eris earlier; he has that certain combination of intelligence and disdain for authority that lends itself well to acts of poetic terrorism.

To help him celebrate his irreligion, and because I had just missed his birthday, I searched for the name of the local Catholic diocese. (Not being Catholic, I had no idea.) When I found it, I knew that Kirk would indeed have a cool belated birthday present.

At the time, the name of your local diocese (checked against your zip code, I think) was all you needed to set up a free email account over at Catholic Online. What better gift for a Discordian than a subtly irreverant e-mail address provided by the anti-Discordians themselves?

These days, you need even less inside Catholic knowledge to get your e-mail address. They do ask you if you're a Knight of Malta, and require you to profess your religion, but that's a small price to pay for chaosreigns@catholic.org, isn't it?

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