Caution - Do Not Stop On The Tracks
Lyrics and music: Grateful Dead
Reprinted with permissions: copyright Ice Nine Publishing

The "lyrics" to this consist of a Pig pen rap that varied a bit from performance to performance.
This is the (studio) version from "So Many Roads":

I went down to see a gypsy woman
Wanna find out, oh, what's wrong with me
I said please, please, please tell me now
What's wrong with me
All right
Well she looked at me and she said "Man"
She said "Man, all you need"
All you need, all you need, all you need
All you need is a mojo hand
Mojo hand
All you need a mojo hand
That's what I'm gonna do
Get myself a mojo hand
And everything will be all right

This is the version from "Anthem Of The Sun":

I went down one day
I went down to see a gypsy woman just one day, yes I did
I wanna find out
What's wrong with me and my baby
We ain't been getting down like we used to do
I mean it's pretty good now
But there was a time when it didn't work out too well
I went down to see this gypsy woman, you understand
And I told her my story
I told her what was going on
And she turned to me and she said
All you need
All you gotta have
Just a touch, that's all you gotta have
Just a touch of mojo hand
And it feels pretty good

Recordings - So Many Roads (1965-1995) & Anthem Of The Sun

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