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The Central Virginia Governor's School (CVGS) is an academic year high school of the the Virginia Governor's School Program. It is located in less-than-entertaining Lynchburg, VA. It is a founding member of the NCSSSMST. Students attend either or both their junior and senior years in high school, and are served a platter of mathematics, technology, and hard science courses.

Figuring centrally in the curriculum is the extensive junior year research project, a generally useful learning experience. Admission is based on application to the feeder high schools in surrounding counties. The total population of the school varies around 120.

The reasonably small faculty is outstanding. Rather than trying to force a mold on students, I would use the metaphor of rock being chipped away to reveal the precious stone underneath. Each student is treated as a unique entity. Personal strengths are played upon. Small class sizes contribute to this positive enviroment.

While the student body is undeniably geeky, CVGS students seem remarkably versatile, a decent number entering fields outside the disciplines of science. This seems at odds with some of the other related schools in Virginia, such as the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, which seem noted for their sterility. Of course, this may be the wrongly perceived rivalry between the two schools speaking.

Personal Notes
Every magnet school, private school, or other "elite" program claims to be grooming the leaders of tomorrow. CVGS isn't pumping out technocrats, but maximizing potential. Science and technology curricula aside, there is something very interesting about this place. It creates good thinkers, people who can accomplish things. Somehow or another, CVGS gets education right.

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