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Greek for "Horned Faces", a suborder of dinosaurs that date back to the Cretaceous period.

Ceratopsia's Place in Superorder Dinosauria

  • Ornithischia

    • Cerapoda

      • Marginocephalia

        • Ceratopsia

What this amounts to is that Ceratopsia were "Bird-hipped" (Ornithischia, as opposed to Lizard-hipped Saurischia), with thick enamel on their teeth (Cerapoda), and Frilly Heads (Marginocephalia). The frills on their heads might have served as heat radiators; in the case of later Tricerotops they were most likely used for defense. Their beak and rows of grinding teeth suggests a diet of vegetation. The teeth would wear unevenly, creating serrated edges for shearing through plant material.

Early versions of this group, such as Psittacosauridae were smaller and walked on two legs; their remains are found in Asia. Later versions, such as the Triceratops, were large and quadrepedal, and can be found in North America.


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