General Mills themepark "Cereal Adventure" opened june 2001 at the Mall of America.

I went there once with a friend and her boyfriend who was visiting from Canada. After paying we followed signs that lead us through a funhouse of cereal education which described the entire cereal process from the farm to the box. At the end of the funhouse there was an area with cereal themed games that were too uninteresting for me to remember, a coloring page area(we made ours wacky/evil). Across from the coloring area there was the slide down to the next floor, after reaching the bottom you could climb up a series of net chambers(sized for children) to reach the top were there was a children sized door, trapping our adult-sized bodies until the employees told us to walk over the short fence. The fence may have been at the botton of the slide actually.

Once we were done with the slide, not wanting to pay the stupidly high price for the custom cereal and our faced on a wheaties box, we left Cereal Adventure.

According to Cereal Adventure featured:

  • "Cheerios Play Park includes a timeline of Cheerios' 60-year history and a variety of games for the toddler set. Young children can slide down a giant spoon into a Cheerios-filled cereal bowl or climb up the Honey Nut Hive and wave to their parents below.

  • Lucky Charms Magical Forest features a rainbow slide that takes kids down a full story from Mall of America's third floor to the second floor into a giant pot of marshmallow shapes. Kids can explore a maze of giant shamrocks on a special floor that makes visitors feel like they're walking on marshmallows!

  • Wheaties Hall of Champions includes lockers packed with vintage Wheaties boxes, sports artifacts, and information on past Wheaties champions. Visitors can pose for their own souvenir Wheaties box for $19.95, with their picture displayed on a 24-foot-high box for all to see.

  • Make Your Own Cereal allows visitors to create a unique cereal brand, including its name, box design and contents. Visitors can take home their customized cereal for $6.95."

Cereal Adventure has since then been closed. I'm guessing they couldn't convince enough people to pay to be advertised to.

I will miss grabbing the groin area of the terrifying giant leperchaun, Lucky, who stood at the entrance.

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