Cereal Killers
By: Too Much Joy
Produced by: Paul Fox
People Suck Music/Virgin Music 1991

"TMJ is Jay Blumenfield, Tim Quirk, Sandy Smallens and Tommy Vinton. It is also a way of life, a state of mind and a mouth disease."

Above all, the best thing about this album is the sheer fun involved. Pop-laden, harder-driving rock songs with intelligently humorous lyrics, what more could a person want?

Starting off with the full-on rocking "susquehanna hat company", the album gets you moving quickly. Opening with the lyrics, "So she said fuck this town, nothing's ever going down", the song easily initiates you to the genre of fun punky sounds. The most popular, chart topping song off the album is crush story. During the summer of 1991, I remember hearing this song on the local "alternative" radio station and even hearing it live at their annual festival. Of course, the song "pride of frankenstein" is completed by the shouted "Wooo!".

King of Beers is nearly the perfect ode to a night full of drunken reverie. Of course, no band is complete without a theme song. With lyrics like: "To create, you must destroy. Smash a glass and cry Too Much Joy."

Track listing:
1. susquehanna hat company 2:36
2. good kill 3:29
3. william holden caulfield 2:32
4. crush story 4:02
5. pirate 3:36
6. king of beers 2:38
7. nothing on my mind 5:11
8. pride of frankenstein 3:15
9. sandbox 2:58
10. gramatan 5:27
11. thanksgiving in reno 2:38
12. long haired guys from england 2:43
13. goodbye ohio 3:33
14. theme song 3:48

This is an album not to be missed. You must listen and enjoy.

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