Job Chandler, first Charles County, Maryland settler, built the oldest part of this historic house in 1639 with the help of the Potopaco Native Americans. Located in present day Port Tobacco, Maryland, although since one of the roads leading to the house became unpassable, it's mailing address is actually La Plata, Maryland. The house has since been added onto with 2 more major segments making it telescopic house.

The name comes from the story that Job Chandler built the house and plantation for his fiance who was still in England. Job waited and hoped that she would join him, but alas, she never came, and Job died.

This house was also the birthplace of Archbishop Leonard Neal who established the Visitation Convent in Georgetown and the Carmelite Convent in Baltimore and assisted in the establishment of Georgetown University.

Carmelite nuns also took residence here who founded the first religious community for women in America in 1790.

I have been told the house also was used during the American Civil War and for the underground railroad as a lookout point. As the house was on top of a large hill overlooking the Port Tobacco River.

Around 1998, the house was sold from my Great Grandmother's estate and was totally rebuilt. The new owners said they would keep the house in a good and historically acurate condition, but instead they tore down most of the house. The older part of the house with most of the history is now a 2 car garage. A new wing to the house has been added as well.

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