Channel Zero is a comic series by Brian Wood.

It takes place in a world post-Clean Act, a piece of legislation that effectively kills freedom of speech.

However, no one cares. The populace of the country has, by this point, been turned into media zombies, eager to believe whatever the TV and/or government tells them. The general populace reeks of a 1984-influenced school of thought, although this is attributed to the actions of social conservatives.

This is where Jennie 2.5 comes in, a media terrorist out to save the country from itself through her own brand of public service announcements.

Channel Zero uses a unique art scheme to carry out its message. The black and white imagery brings into sharp contrast the gritty details, and the text flows through the page.

The title of the series is most likely based on the Public Enemy song of the same name.

Channel Zero is to be followed up in early 2002 by The Walk, the story of a suicide bomber, and Jennie One, the history of Jennie 2.5.

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