Goes by "Monty" and is the richest man in Springfield. Owns the Springfield nuclear power plant at which Homer Simpson works. Can never remember Homer's name despite the fact that the Simpsons have played a significant role in the major events of his life. Is oblivious to the crush that lackey Waylon Smithers has on him. Once crossed over the line from ordinary day-to-day evil to cartoonish supervillain evil when he tried to blot out the sun to make his power plant more valuable.

The tyrannical, hypohemic, old, and preposterously wealthy owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, where Homer Simpson is employed.

miscellaneous facts and trivia: He once tried to court Homer's wife Marge, and marry Marge's mother. Fires any employee whose family members don't enjoy themselves at the company picnic (he also held a survival retreat for his employees). Got Homer accepted to Springfield University. His blood type is double-0 negative and his favorite lunch is a pillow of shredded wheat, steamed toast, and a dodo egg. A member of The Stonecutters. He made a propaganda film about himself called A Burns for All Seasons. His bathroom has a telephone, a magazine rack, and a bidet - but no toilet paper. The logo for Burns Worldwide is a family holding hands around a mushroom cloud. He nearly drowned in the bath once from a weight of a sponge that was placed atop his head. A sign outside Burns Manor reads Poachers will be shot. Ran against incumbent Mary Bailey for Governor (the state isn't mentioned), but lost when he spat out part of a radioactive fish from his own plant. Lost childhood teddy bear was named Bobo.

best quotes (IMO)

"I'm going to be sore tomorrow."
After a photo shoot where he's forced to smile

"I'll kill you, you bloated museum of treachery."

On Homer's weight loss: "Why, good man, you're the fattest thing I've ever seen, and I've been on safari."

"Oh goody, the sea monkeys I ordered have arrived. Look at them cavort and caper."

Note that the subtext of Mr. Burns's character is the Harvard - Yale rivalry. Most of the original writers of the Simpsons are Harvard grads (most were members of the Harvard Lampoon, a semi-secret organization that occasionally publishes what the Harvard Crimson calls a "so-called humor magazine"). Mr. Burns is an Eli, i.e. went to Yale, and as such is made out to be the most despicable character on the show.

Name: Charles Montgomery Burns
Known Disguises: Wavy Gravy; Jimbo Jones; Mr Snrub; Marge Simpson
Age: Unknown (thought to be around 104!)
Marital Status: Single (once engaged to Mrs Bouvier)
Relatives: Larry Burns (son); Bart Simpson (heir)
Occupation: Owner of Springfield Nuclear Power Plant; owner of Burns Construction Co.; owner and founder of "Lil' Lisa's Patented Animal Slurry" Plant; inventor of Burns' Omni-net
Place of Birth: Springfield
Blood Type: Double O negative
Members of: The Stonecutters (#29); The Flying Hellfish; Pin Pals
Voiced by: Harry Shearer

Monty's first feature episode was "Homer's Odyssey" (7G03) first aired over 9 years ago, however he first appeared in "Simpsons roasting On An Open Fire" (7G08) way back in 1989. And since the 2nd season Mr. Burns can be seen checking his watch in the opening credits. His popularity is so big that he is the only character to have a double episode named after him - "Who Shot Mr Burns?" I & II. In a recent survey, Monty was named as the fourth most popular character just behind Homer, Bart and Ralph Wiggum.

Information for this node was taken from www.snpp.com, the greatest Simpson site on the net.

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