Charm School: Magical Witch Girl Bunny, is a comic published by Slave Labor Graphics, written by the talented Elizabeth Watasin.

Charm School follows the antics of Bunny, a witch-in-training, her vampire girlfriend, Dean, and a member of the Fae, Fairer-Than. They live in the mythical town on the edge of reality called Little Salem, a place populated by the ghouls, ghosts, and macabres of legend. The comic, which amusingly mixes same-sex relationships and gothic humor, is released in a bi-monthy format

Charm School at MIT is a "degree" program founded in 1993 and designed to teach undersocialized engineers how to behave properly in polite society. It consists of a series of courses offered every IAP, and the degree received is a function of the number of courses taken. Finishing six classes will give you a Bachelor of Science in Charm, eight a Masters', and twelve a doctorate. (Transfer credit is not accepted.)

Courses are offered in such topics as how to tie a tie, how to ask for a date, and proper table manners. For the more socialized and less humorously-minded, there are also seminars on good interview behaviour, manners for international travelers, and etiquette in a dozen situations.

The school is popular among students, attracting 700-800 attendees in 2000, and has been covered by national media, including CNN and Good Morning America. Miss Manners was the graduation speaker several years ago. According to the Charm School's web site, it has even inspired similar programs at other institutions.

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