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A British trade union and professional union representing physiotherapists.

Formed in 1894 as the Society of Trained Masseuses by four nurses keen to preserve the integrity of their profession and to prevent it from associated with the less reputable provision of sexual services. In 1900 it became known as the Incorpororated Society of Trained Masseuses and in 1920 after merging with the Institute of Massage and Remedial Gymnastics and being granted a royal charter, the Chartered Society of Trained Masseuses. In 1944 (perhaps realising that "massage" was already firmly established in the public mind as a synonym for sexual gratification) finally adopted the name Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

The Society subsequently amalgamated with
the Faculty of Physiotherapists in 1968,
the Physiotherapists Association Ltd in 1970,
and the Society of Remedial Gymnastics and Recreational Therapy in 1985.
Its membership now amounts to over 32,000 and is the only independent professional body representing physiotherapists in the United Kingdom.

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