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In the quiet coastal New England town of Chatham, Massachusetts, terror lurks.

This terror resides within and object. An object made of the most stainless of steel, an object which contains such unexplainable attraction that few can resist, but which all fear..


The Chatham fish slide, which resides in Chatham, Massachusetts, on the peninsula of Cape Cod, is a very interesting example of human psychology on crack. Allow me to explain:
When all the fishermen come back from their trips with their large catches of fish (usually cod, tuna, and whatnot), they gut their fish, as is standard procedure, on their way back from their fishing spot. This in and of itself is not abnormal at all. I mean, gutting is good. Would you want aortae and viscera in your fishsticks? (Well, I should say, do you want MORE aortae and viscera in your fishsticks than usual, but I digress).

Anyway, they bring in their catch; all these hundreds of fish with organs hanging out their sides, and deposit them on a large, horizontal, stainless steel platform. With the whirring of a motor and the clashing of gears, the great platform then begins to angle up, converting itself into a slide, while all the fish come splattering down into a big bucket below.

Now here's the sick and disturbing thing: People gather to watch this! And they bring their kids! Cheering and watching the endless amounts of gutted critters slip-sliding' away, the kids witness this and are forever warped due to it. I know I was.

Additionally, "Chatham Fish Slide" would be a good name for a band

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